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Tobacco Info No. 4, February 2011  Tobacco Info No. 3, November 2010

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No. 4, February 2011.

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Health warning renewals on cigarette packs set for 2011
Canadian Health Minister revamps anti-tobacco campaign (p1-3);

New cigarette warnings in the US (p4);


Contents of tobacco products, cessation and economics
WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control gains in precision and strength (p5-7);

The Quebec government is pleased with its Tobacco Law, but will it continue to move forward? (p7);

More questions than answers about e-cigarettes (p8-9);

Without a strong network of mutual support, Africa is at the mercy of Big Tobacco
After Montreal and Paris, Niamey hosts the international French-language anti-tobacco conference (p10-11);

WHO study finds passive smoking kills 600,000 worldwide (p12-13);

Ontario Tobacco Research Unit launches online portal (p13);

Research update by OTRU (p14);

Briefs (p14-16)
Kelowna bans smoking in parks
Closing loopholes

Asthma rates falling in Canada

Fewer cigarillos sold

Bloomberg backs Uruguay’s laws

Suing tobacco manufacturers

Non-smoking majority in prisons

No smoking in cars in Leduc, Alberta

Contraband much lower than in 2008

Smoke-free cars in Newfoundland.



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