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Tobacco Info No. 4

February 2011


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Health warnings

Health Canada:

Health Canada press release:

Reactions by health groups:

ITC responds to announcement; press release:



FDA Website:


WHO Convention

All the documents related to the 4th session of the COP (Punta del Este, November 2010)

Link to the Framework Convention Alliance (for tobacco control)

The World Health Organization and its Tobacco Free Initiative

Link to The Tobacco Atlas 2009



The ministerial report (in French only):



AOL’s two-part report:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Report by
Video of actress Katherine Heigl lighting up with David Letterman:



Official site (in French):


WHO study on SHS:

WHO information pamphlet:

The study published in The Lancet:


OTRU research portal:


OTRU Current Abstracts:



Asthma rates falling; the study:

Alberta suing big tobacco:

Bloomberg backs Uruguay:

Feds promise to close cigarillo loopholes:

Smoke free cars in Leduc:

Smoke free cars in Newfoundland

Drop in contraband:
About contraband in Canada according to PMI's CEO Louis Camilleri (see pages 50 and 51)
Canada Key Market Commentaries by Philip Morris International (page 12)(3rd quarter, 2010)
PMI's reports from previous quarters
British American Tobacco report for the first half of 2010 (read first paragraph on page 5)$FILE/medMD87RNF8.pdf?openelement


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