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Tobacco Info No. 2

September 2010


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1) Casa Cubana’s press release

2) Minister Aglukkaq’s statement

3) The Tobacco Act

4) Youth Smoking Survey 2008-2009

5) CCSA statement on videos from CNW

6) Links to article on convenience store selling contraband cigarillo and Winnipeg Free Press article about cigarillos still being sold

Many smokers have returned to the taxed cigarette market

1) Health Canada data about cigarette sales 1980-2009

2) Quebec’s Budget Plan 2010-11 (page C-13) about the reduced supply of illegal products

3) Philip Morris International 2009 Annual Report (page 35)

4) Philip Morris International (reports and filings webpage)

5) British American Tobacco 2009 Annual Report (page 45)$FILE/medMD83VF6K.pdf?openelement

6) Canadian Convenience Stores Association about the importance of contraband

7) House of Commons Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security (record of evidence)

8) The National Coalition against Contraband Tobacco 2010 tour

9) Solutions against contraband proposed by Canadian tobacco control groups

10) Non-Smokers’ Right Association, map about tobacco prices in Canada

11) World Health Organization Tobacco Free Initiative homepage (with the Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic, 2009)

JTI-Macdonald and Reynolds admit to supplying contraband cigarettes in the early 1990s

1) Canada Revenue Agency’s press release

2) Comments from NSRA


1) PSC press release

2) PSC reports

3) Stanford study

4) Abstract from Tobacco Control study

5) Statistics from Stats Canada

Outdoor smoking and environment (Ottawa kicks off...)

1) Ottawa Public Health press release

2) Canadian Cancer Society on second-hand smoke

3) James Repace’s study

4) Klepeis et al. study



The Australian government wants plain cigarette packages starting 2012

1) Press release from the Australian PM office

2) Data on the prevalence of smoking in Australia

3) Share of market by tobacco companies
4) Article from The Age with a comment by Pr Chapman
5) Wakefield, Durkin and Germain, abstract from Journal of Adolescent Health
6) Response from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) about the effect of the
Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property on the ability of a contracting State to enforce plain packaging;jsessionid=4CECCBB582381BD0B8EAC06D6C0F9DA3
7) Various submissions to the Australian Parliament, including those from the Physicians for Smoke-free Canada (line 23) and the Non-Smokers’ Right Association (line 21)

 NRT pregnancy

1) Program for the Ottawa conference on medical cessation

2) Statistics on pregnancy and smoking

3) Health Canada on NRT usage during pregnancy (April 2003)



Smokeless tobacco:

Hardcore smokers:

Smoking in psychiatric institutes:



Smoke-free cars:


Alberta government wins tobacco reduction achievement award
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Smoking in federal jails



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